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Serving Online Seniors, LLC.

Where Seniors go for computer and technology repair, with the people who care.
Don't let our name fool you!  We help everyone, not just Seniors!

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday:  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
Services Offered....
  1. Computer Services
    Computer Services
    Full Computer Repair Service New Computer Setup Data Backup and Transfer Data Recovery Format and Reinstallation of Operating System Virus Removal Malware and Spyware Removal System Optimization (Tune-up) File System Maintenance New computer research (no charge)
  2. Hardware & Software
    Hardware & Software
    Diagnostics Hardware Installation Hardware Upgrade Hard Drive Cloning Hard Drive Upgrade Software Installation Software Upgrade Software Updates and Personalization Special Hardware procurement (no charge)
  3. Printers...
    Printer Diagnostics Printer Install & Setup Wireless Printer Install & Setup Printer Upgrade & More...
  4. Remote Support...
    Remote Support...
    Remote support can resolve many smaller issues with your computer without even having to leave your home! Minor Virus Removal Malware & Spyware Removal Start up errors or pop-ups Driver issues Printer installation or diagnostics Email setup or diagnostics Quick Tune-up (speed up my computer!) Install & configure a program Windows Updating issues ​and more...
  5. One on One Classes
    One on One Classes
    Windows 8 Basics Windows 10 Basics Tablet Class Tablet Crash Course Smartphone Class Smartphone Crash Course Ipad Basics Texting 101 Using your Email Program Using your photo program What ever you need to learn..... we will do our very best to help you.
  6. Laptop Repair...
    Laptop Repair...
    Laptop Screen Replacement Screen Bezel Replacement Power Jack Replacement Keyboard Replacement RAM (Memory) Upgrade Hard Drive Replacement





Serving Online Seniors takes repairing your computer very seriously.  Each and every computer we work on is put through rigorous testing and thorough scans.  Doing this takes time.  We can only go as fast as your computer will allow us to.  We do not try rush through these processes just to get it out "fast".  Quality service instead of rushed repairs.  So please be patient with us.  We don't just repair just one problem with your computer, we service the entire computer!  Every computer is cleaned inside and out...dust bunnies included!

We offer a wide range of services to cover all of your computer needs.  Here are a few examples of our services and what is included.
Remote Computer Repair Services....​​

Our new Remote Computer Repair Service is a great way to get the quality services for a fraction of the cost of the big chain stores and always from a name you trust!  All this and you can use it no matter where you are!  All you need is an active internet connection and access to our website.  Help is just a few clicks away.

Remote Services is so easy to's how...

  • First you need access to in order to download our remote software
  • The software is small and quick to install.  We also uninstall the software when we are finished.  We do so for your piece of mind and ours!
  • Approximately 90% of all remote service requests take less than 30 minutes.
  • We will notify you immediately if your computer needs more than 30 minutes of time to resolve your issue.  At that point we always recommend bringing it to a reputable repair shop to have it serviced properly.
  • If your service gets to 30 minutes and we are not finished, we give you an idea of how much longer it may take and then we get authorization from you to continue or stop at that time.
  • ​If we can't fix it remotely, then you pay nothing!  That's our honesty quarantee!

Give our remote services a try today and find out how fast and easy it can be to resolve those pesky smaller computer issues!  Call today to schedule an appointment, or go to our Calendar page and submit a request right from our website!

Call today at 480-218-4960

Full Computer Repair Service
Approximately 80% of computer issues can be resolved by our Full Computer Repair Service.  We do everything in our power to resolve any issues without having to format your machine, but sometimes it is better to get a fresh installation and a fresh start, than to put a bandaid on a gaping wound and hope it doesn't open back up and require surgery!
Full Computer Repair Service always  includes the following:

  • Internal/External Cleaning
  • Startup Optimization
  • Internet Optimization
  • Installation of all available Windows service packs &/or upgrades
  • Installation of all available Windows updates
  • Anti-Virus installation and update (free version upon request)
  • Anti-Virus scan completed & removal of any viruses found
  • Anti-Malware Program Installation & update (removed unless requested)
  • Anti-Malware scan completed & removal of any Adware, Spyware and/or Malware found
  • Manual removal of viruses or malware if necessary (at no additional cost to you!)
  • Personalization and Customization
  • Full System File Maintenance (free up Hard drive space; 10gb on average)
  • Complete hardware testing

​This process is done to EVERY computer that comes in for our Full Computer Repair Service and is always just one low price.  We do not add on any additional charges as we go. 

     The leading cause of formats are Viruses, Spyware and/or Malware that cannot be removed successfully with our basic cleanup process or a manual removal process failed as well.  We highly suggest a format to be performed whenever there are a large number of Viruses, Spyware and/or Malware found on your computer, even when the system appears to be running ok.  Some infections called rootkits hide within the file system and wait for a specific command or action and then you are re-infected all over again! 

     The second leading cause for a format to be required would be in the event the Operating System or system services have become corrupt due to infections, an update installation that has  failed, a shutdown was performed during Windows updates or for many other unknown issues.  It is very hard to pin point the exact reason these things happen to a system, but they can happen at any time.

     Formatting a computer will remove everything from the hard drive to begin anew.  This allows a fresh copy of Windows to be installed and data to be restored in a clean environment.  We run a scan on every backup before restoring it to your computer as well.  Doing this will ensure that spyware, malware or viruses cannot re-infest the system when we restore your data.

     It is pertinent that every computer user be very careful when surfing the internet.  Watch for suspicious behavior as you navigate the internet and react quickly to any pop-ups or questions.  NEVER click on a link in a pop-up window!!  Once you say "yes" by clicking anywhere in the pop-up, it grants permission to the malware program (intentionally or unintentionally).  It's now in your computer with all the rights it needs and your anti-virus and anti-spyware programs may not be able to protect you from it any longer.

     The best way to ensure you do not get infected when you get pop-ups, is to close the window by clicking the small X in the upper right-hand corner.  If there is no X in the upper right corner, then shutdown your computer and then start it back up again.  This will remove the infection from memory once it reboots.
Format includes the following:

  • Format Drive
  • Install Windows Operating System
  • Install latest Service Pack(s) (if needed) &/or upgrades
  • Install all available Windows Updates
  • Install Anti-Virus Program (Customer supplied or free vs. upon request)
  • Install Free Anti-Malware/Spyware Program (upon request)
  • Install Word Program (Customer supplied or free vs. upon request)
  • Configure/Optimize Internet Explorer
  • Install/Update Adobe Reader, Flash Player, Shockwave and Java for Internet Explorer
  • Install Software - Chrome and Skype (Firefox upon request)
  • Install Customer's Software (Customer supplied, up to 3 included)
  • Email Setup
  • Install/Setup Printer 
  • Customization/Personalization
  • Full System Maintenance
  • Internal/External Cleaning
New Computer Setup
Need a new computer?  Not sure where to go or what to get?  Don't worry!  We can help you find just what you are looking for!  Just stop by and we will sit down with you and figure out what you actually need and where you can find it at a great no cost to you.  This is just one of our complimentary services we offer!
New Computer Setup Service includes the following:

  • Creation of new Outlook profile for Windows 10 (if needed)
  • Startup optimization
  • Personalization and customization
  • Start menu customization
  • Internet Explorer optimization and customization
  • Customer preferred browser installation and customization (i.e. Chrome, Firefox...)
  • Installation of all available Windows service packs &/or upgrades
  • Installation of all available Windows updates
  • Removal of all bloatware and trialware
  • Anti-Virus installation and update (free version upon request)
  • Anti-Malware Program Installation & update (free version upon request)
  • Word processing program installation (free version upon request)
  • Data backup and transfer from old computer to new computer
  • Virus scan on data prior to transfer
  • Full System File Maintenance (free up Hard drive space; 10gb on average)
  • Complete hardware testing

​These processes are done to every new computer unless otherwise specified.  We do not add on any additional charges as we go, but we do offer other services.