SOS Computer Services
Honesty & Integrity

7435 E. Main St. Suite 106
Mesa, AZ  85207


Where Seniors go when they need help with compters, latops, desktops & all other technology related issues from people they can trust!
Don't let our name fool you!  We help everyone, not just Seniors!

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday:  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
November to April Saturdays: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
May to October Saturdays:  Closed
Sundays:  Closed


What makes us different than all of the other computer repair shops out there?  At SOS Computer Services, we don't treat you like a number.  We treat everyone with honesty and integrity!
Serving Online Seniors was started out of an honest, sincere need for computer repair, training and assistance specifically designed for seniors.  What Pat and Claudette noticed upon retiring and moving to Mesa in 2000, was that seniors were vulnerable to the computer repair shops, including the large chain stores.  Seniors were being over-charged, taken advantage of and intentionally kept ignorant towards their computers. 

Some of the assistance they gave in the first few months, within their community (Sun Life Resort), was heart breaking!  They were appalled at what they saw happening to seniors.  They decided to provide the lowest cost assistance they could and they even worked out of their own home at the beginning.  Word spread quickly and the need for assistance was overwhelming.

Thus Serving Online Seniors was born!  Almost 15 years later and we are still here!  We are still at the same location at 7435 E Main St. Suite 106 in Mesa.  We have a customer base over 8,000 loyal customers.  SOS Computer Services continues to provide inexpensive, honest and sincere service.   In 2005, their daughter Tessa has joined the business to help out.  With over 23 years of computer experience, she has the same morals and standards that they built the business on.  She has received accolades from seniors that they have worked for and has helped to add energy and knowledge to the business.  She continues to run the business with the same honest and inexpensive computer repair and services.

SOS Computer Services provides computer repair, computer services and some training.  We offer assistance in-shop, on the phone, in-home and even remotely.  Wendy and Kiefer answer 25 to 50 calls a day, so please be patient with us and leave a message or shoot us an email with your question.  You can email us at  Can't come to us?  Not a problem!  We also offer a low cost pick up and drop off service on top of our in-home and remote services!

Our company does not sell computers, but we do keep basic parts on hand to ensure the fastest fix possible if a part is needed.  So if we tell you your computer is not worth repairing or has fatal flaws; we are not just trying to sell you a new computer!  If special parts are needed, we research the part for you and find the most inexpensive part available and even order it for you!  There is no exurbanite markup on custom part orders, just to make a quick buck.  We try to pass the savings off to you when we find deals.

So there it is!  We hope you stop by once in awhile so we can help keep your computer running smoothly for years to come!  Welcome to a place you can always trust.