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Serving Online Seniors, LLC.

Where Seniors go for computer and technology repair, with the people who care.
Don't let our name fool you!  We help everyone, not just Seniors!

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Monday thru Friday:  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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Our Testimonials
Below are just a few of our "Thank you!" letters and emails that we have received over the years here at Serving Online Seniors.  We honestly care about our customers and it shows in what we do and how we do it!  We appreciate every single one of these messages of "Thanks" and will continue to go above and beyond for our customers with honesty and integrity.

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  1. Managing Director
    Thank you to Tessa and Wendy for taking the time with our residents at our park during the SOS Presentation last week. I know of residents who have already connected with you for business and I now you will be seeing more since your time with us! Best wishes for continued success.
  2. Managing Director
    We brought our laptop (and the only computer we own) to you last Tuesday because it was a MESS. We kept getting a huge amount of pop-ups and just all kinds of problems. Well, we got back on Saturday and WOW - it is amazing the job you did! It makes me realize that we were having minor problems for a long time before it really went crazy. It is so great to have our computer back. Thank you so very, very much for the excellent job you did. You can bet that I'll be talking you up every chance I get. I just had to drop you this line and let you know how much we appreciate what you did!
  3. Managing Director
    Tessa and Wendy, Thank you for appearing at our computer club meeting on November 26, 2015. As usual our members thought that your presentation was engaging and informative. The subject matter, Windows 10, was very timely and to-th-point, especially since we just held a class on installing Windows 10. You always tell us about something new you discovered to make our lives easier and safer in the world of on-line computing. The Ninite website was of interest to many and several folks have already made use of its capabilities, just as Ad Block Plus was a big hit last year. Thank you again for including us in your busy schedule. We hope to see you and/or your team on our agenda again soon!
  4. Managing Director
    Thank you so much for the presentation you made in January at our park's Computer Club meeting. Your presentation about protecting your computer from malware, spyware and viruses was extremely important and useful for our club memebers. Thank you for summarizong the services you provide both in your store and online as well as the useful links on your website. Our members appreciated the time you spent answering their questions! Thank you!
  5. Managing Director
    Wendy, thank you for being so thoughtful. I appreciate you being so kind to me and getting my computer back on internet explorer. The world needs more people like you!
  6. Managing Director
    Kiefer, WOW! You are truly the very best at what you do! My husband and I were amazed! We have spent mega-dollars on computers and repairs. You fixed my Pogo which nobody else could do for me. Wish I had taken more of your business cards as I have become a walking/talking billboard for S.O.S. Eternally grateful!
  7. Managing Director
    Dear Kiefer and staff of S.O.S., Thank you so much for your excellent help! But even more, for your patience and kindness.
  8. Managing Director
    Dear Tessa and Claudette, The members of our computer club always look forward to the third Wednesday of the month during the winter season. Your topics are always timely and your presentations are interesting and fun. I especially appreciate your knowledge of software and I like your special tricks and hints to use our computers better. Thank you so much for coming to our club and sharing the "latest and greatest" computer stuff. We look forward to seeing you each month.
  9. Managing Director
    We brought our laptop (and the only computer we own) to you last Tuesday because it was a MESS. We kept getting a huge amount of pop-ups and just all kinds of problems. Well, we got back on Saturday and WOW - it is amazing the job you did! It makes me realize that we were having minor problems for a long time before it really went crazy. It is so great to have our computer back. Thank you so very, very much for the excellent job you did. You can bet that I'll be talking you up every chance I get. I just had to drop you this line and let you know how much we appreciate what you did!
  10. Managing Director
    Dear Friends, You took us right into your hearts! Your generous offers of help and the miracle of restoring my files help mightily to lift us up and on our way to a resolution of our problems. Thanks again for being there for us.
  11. Managing Director
    Dear Wendy, Thank you for your kindness, patience and going the extra mile to help me find a laptop computer. You are an asset to S.O.S.! God bless you for helping me so much! A happy customer.
  12. Managing Director
    On behalf of those who attended the recent class at our park's computer club, we with to Thank you for coming. Many have asked if we could have you come again, so you should realize how much they enjoyed it! Thank you again.
  13. Managing Director
    To everyone at S.O.S., We wanted all of you to know how much we appreciated the inordinate amount of time all of you spent with us. You are the best!! God bless and keep you now and forever more!
  14. Managing Director
    Wendy, Thanks for going the extra mile for me the other day with my laptop. P.S. and thanks for the kindness too!
  15. Managing Director
    Thanks a lot, It meant so much! Thanks for taking the time to fix our printer. We appreciate your help and good service!
  16. Managing Director
    Thank you so VERY much for getting my printer up and running remotely. You have no idea how much you helped this ol' gal! It may mean a job, but you have blessed me and thats what I pray for you. Many blessings.
  17. Managing Director
    Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to our computer club! We are lucky to have experts so near.
  18. Managing Director
    The members of our computer club thank you for a most interesting and informative program presented on February 3rd. Hopefully Microsoft Vista will seem a little less forbidding after your talk. A visit from Serving Online Seniors is always enjoyed and appreciated!
  19. Managing Director
    This (malware) information comes from Mesa SOS - the repair service that we used. They do not sell. license or otherwise endorse any of these products. This is recommended information based on their many years of experience. You can read more on their website. We have used and know others who have used this service and they have a fantastic reputation for quality, honesty and integrity here in the Mesa area.
  20. Managing Director
    Hi Wendy, Thank you, thank you! We brought our computer to you late Tuesday morning, July 13th and had it back early Friday morning, July 17th! We really appreciate your service to us. We feel we can fully trust your services. Definitely will tell other people about your business. Very happy about how you handled everything for us. Thank you very much for the free malware security protection. Everything is working great with computer. Thank you!
  21. Managing Director
    Keifer, Thanks for going the extra mile for me with my laptop. You are worth your weight in gold!
  22. Managing Director
    Thank you! For your time and expertise, we are very grateful. We always learn something new. Your friends of the Computer Club
  23. Managing Director
    Thank you Tessa and Claudette of SOS (Serving Online Seniors) for your excellent presentation, "Getting to know your computer" in February 2015. It was clear and very helpful.
  24. Managing Director
    My friend raved about your place and after viewing your website, I, too, am a fan! The info you provide is marvelous. Looking forward to bringing my computer in for a 'well-computer check'. Thank you!
  25. Managing Director
    These are the most honest, caring, compassionate people I know. You can believe everything they tell you. They give free advice, do not charge for every phone call you make to them. We are in our high70's and feel completely at ease with this family-owned company who have very high standards and live up to their reputation. They always go the 2nd mile (and more) to make sure you are satisfied with the results. We have always been amazed at the results of how easy it is to get our computer fixed and running perfectly in no time at all. You can depend on them to do what is right. You always know the cost up front, no surprises. Undoubtedly the most honest and dependable computer service anywhere. My daughter recommended them as she has known the family for over 20 years. They still operate the way they did back in those days. Trustworthy.
  26. Managing Director
    Fantastic! Had been to 2 other places for help and computer not fixed. They knew exactly how to fix it. Problem was with Outlook e-mail locking up. Kiefer and Wendy are the best. Then, printer took a dump and had to set up a new one. Wendy set that up over the phone. Unbelievable. Started with DOS computer 30 years ago, then Windows '95, then XP, then Windows 8.1 and just found SOS and glad I did. They sure know what they are doing! Hope they stay in business at least as long as I have to use a computer. Wouldn't go any place else.
  27. Managing Director
    S.O.S .is beyond amazing. They are honest and very trustworthy. They only fix computers, they do not try to see you anything. If it cannot be fixed, they tell you up front. But even more than that, they actually help you. They take a sincere interest in what is going on and why, and will fix it for you. Their prices are excellent. They have been in business for 14 years and have an excellent rating with BBB. Kelli will go out of her way to help with any problem It is a family business and they respect the good reputation they have. That is why everyone keeps going back. You are never surprised by extra fees . They tell you ahead of time what it will cost and give you a printed out receipt for everything that was done to your computer. I fell into the trap of iYogi and Cyber PC Experts (both scams) and had a real mess on my computer. They fixed it, cleaned it up, and only cost $95..price of their basic service. Honest help, friendly service, and a reputation to uphold. You will not go wrong trusting your computer to SOS. I sincerely believe it was the best decision I have made in many, many years. I very highly recommend them to everyone, seniors or otherwise.

Thank you to all of our loyal customers!  
Without you, we wouldn't still be here after 15 years!

We appreciate your continued patronage!  As a "Thank you" to all of those customers that have passed on our services to their friends and family, we have a new way to save on services with us.  It's just to let you know that we really do appreciate all of the referrals you send our way!
Program Details....

Step1....Recommend us to anyone that needs computer help.
Step 2...They must give your name at the time they drop off their computer for one of our full service options.
Step 3...Do this twice and get 10% off your next full service option.
Step 4...Do it two more times (4 total) and get anther 10% off your next full service option.
Step 5...One more (5 total) and you get a Full Computer Repair service on us!  That's right!  Free!

Note:  The 10% discount can be used any time after the 2nd successful referral.  You can also hold onto your first 10% and combine it with the second 10% on any of our full service options any time after your 4th referral.  It's up to you how you spend your discount.  Use the 10% off for two seperate services, or save it and use it once for 20% off on one of our full service options!